Commercial Water Damage

Serving the entire state of Massachusetts

We understand how stressful and overwhelming it is for a family following a disaster. We restore your home, lifestyle, and peace of mind quickly with minimal stress and disruption. Below are some examples of our work!

Gardner, MA

Heating unit freeze up caused damage to library and classroom. Replaced flooring (VCT and Carpet in library) ceiling grid system, new lighting and inspection of all electrical. Custom built and stained/finish of new shelving units throughout library. see more

Lexington, MA

Repairs made to office space following sprinkler break. Crews worked nights and weekends to return space to tenants as quickly as possible. see more

Stoneham, MA

Mansion owned by town had ice dam interior damage. Many rooms of the home had irreplaceable finishes that we worked carefully to restore. We brought in a high end restoration company that specialized in conservation. They stripped the wood paneling and plaster finished back and custom blended stains and colors to recreate what it would had looked like the day of install. see more


Watertown, MA

Water loss to science classrooms- We worked with an architect to redesign new science labs during the process of repairing the classrooms. Both rooms received a complete overhaul of plumbing, electrical, flooring, cabinets, paint and new ceiling girds/tiles.see more


Westminster, MA

Commercial water damage see more